Brought to you by the same folks who have been bringing you the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival for 44 years.

Welcome to the first ever Virtual Wooden Boat Festival!

What did we say when COVID-19 canceled the 44th Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival? No problem, we’re taking it online! We’ll have hours of wooden boat and adventuring footage, including fascinating stories from our global wooden boat community. There will be a live master class and 8 featured videos on our Main Stage with live Q&As after each. We’ll also have 9 other stages that mirror what you’d experience at the Festival in person, with fresh, exclusive, on-demand video content you’ve never seen before.

How it Works

Buying tickets and accessing the Festival is easy! Just click the “Get Your Tickets” button on this page and complete your purchase. We’ll email you the morning of September 12 with a link to log in and access the content. That’s it! Easy peasy.

You’ll just need a smartphone, tablet, or computer, and internet access for streaming. If you’d like to take part in our “Chat with the Experts” Zoom rooms, you’ll need to install Zoom on your device as well.

We’re showing films, presentations, demos, tours, and Q&As created just for you, including…

The Viking Ship Draken

feature film with live Q&A
A viking ship captain, a graphic artist, and a naval architect reflect on their death-defying adventure aboard the Draken Harald Hårfagre, the largest viking ship in modern history. The Draken reveals truths about building and sailing that were ahead of their time and maybe ahead of ours as well.

Ceiba: Building a Sailing Cargo Ship in the Jungles of Costa Rica

feature film with live Q&A
Eco-minded about the high cost of traditional shipping, SailCargo, Inc. is building a vessel to carry trade under sail in the jungles of Costa Rica!

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Wooden Boats

feature film with live Q&A
Take an intimate look inside the world of DIY boating as we join Ryan Hashagen and Margot St-Finch on their journey sailing the Willamette River in the USS HAAA, a dory salvaged from near total destruction. Rebuilt with love and reclaimed wood from an old garden bed, the HAAA will prove that even a small boat can lead to big adventure.

The Race to Alaska – The Movie

extra fee applies
Be among the first to see the feature documentary that immerses you in the engineless boat race up the rugged coastline between Washington and Alaska. It’s a film about the ultimate unscripted personal adventure; the diametric opposite of being self-quarantined at home. Don’t miss the live Q&A with the filmmakers after the movie!

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Masterclass with NW School of Wooden Boatbuilding

live interactive class
Take your understanding of boatbuilding to the next level with a masterclass by Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding Chief Instructor Sean Koomen (

John Steinbeck & the Western Flyer

feature film with live Q&A
It’s been 80 years since John Steinbeck and Ed Ricketts took the Western Flyer on their excursion to the Gulf of California. Since then, the boat sank 3 1/2 times before being rescued by the current owner, who created the Western Flyer Foundation to restore the boat to its 1940s glory.

Boat Tours from Around the Globe

Come along as we take a tour of your local favorites plus boats from around the world!

The Art of Rope Making

Learn about rope making and forging with the Hardanger Maritime Centre in Norway, one of the biggest conglomerations of experts on the restoration of boats and vessels in the Nordic countries!

Boatbuilding as a Bridge Between Cultures: Croatia & Bosnia

James Bender of the Adriatic Maritime Institute tells the amazing story of Peace River Odyssey—using traditional boat building with youth to bridge cultural and religious barriers of warring countries.

She Tells Sea Tales

feature event with live Q&A
In this inspiring annual event, we hear from women mariners sharing their heartfelt and funny sea stories. This year featuring Rachael Slattery, Bonnie Obremski, Nancy Erley, Nahja Chimenti, and Kelley Watson as emcee.

Behind the Scenes Boat Shop Tour with Sam Devlin

See the shop where the Devlin boats are built—you won’t get this chance often! Plus incredible tours of other boat shops.

COVID Builds

A fun look at the boats being built by our community during the pandemic.

Behind the Scenes with Port Townsend Foundry

The Langley family has owned and operated the PT Foundry since 1983. Pete, takes us through his shop and shares some of the colorful history and vast knowledge of local boatbuilding.

Boatbuilder Panel Discussion

John Welsford, Clint Chase, Paul Gartside and Michael Storer debate best small boat design. What will it be?

and much more!

With presentations by Festival favorites including...

Lin Pardey

Nigel Calder

Matt Rutherford